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Ryan served in the United States Air Force and is currently employed as a firefighter for the DoD. He originally hails from Wisconsin  - which explains the accent. We have yet to determine what explains some of the weird things he says. Ryan is also very much into film and videography and hopes to make a career of it some day.

Matt got the show rolling by getting in touch with Ryan (the guy who had all the necessary equipment). He is a former Mormon and is currently studying to become an EMT. Several pieces of his artwork adorn the walls of the Godless Rebelution studio.

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The Godless Rebelution was launched at the end of April in 2014, and the guys have been poking religion with a sharp stick from behind the Zion curtain ever since. 

Dan is a Utah native who has held various positions in the computing industry. He is currently working as a database administrator for the federal government. He serves as a board member for Atheists of Utah and is the Regional Director in Utah for American Atheists.

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